Hi, I'm Michael and I build Websites from the future.

The Web is a great place, and for those who build it know how important web standards are to keeping it a friendly place to work and play. That's why as a web developer I know the important of using web standards and pushing for innovation, and I only work in web standards and emerging standards, like HTML5 and CSS3. All around this site, you'll see small examples of things never before possible or techniques that can be greatly simplified by using new web standards. The web should not be able plugins and browser versions but openness and freedom to create without acceptance of licences agreements.
The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past. Tim Berners-Lee
I am a web developer, and I build using open, universal standards.

I build Websites! Small ones, large ones, Content Management Systems or standalone pages and forms. See some Examples in the Portfolio.
From designing 3D objects in lightwave, to photo editing to icons and realistic objects, I can do it all.
I work with the latest and greatest CSS to bring beautiful, elegants and functional websites to life, while maintaining support for older browsers. This slider is 100% next generation CSS3.
I am well versed in the adobe creative suite, and many other web and graphics software, such as gimp and inkscape.